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What makes a great product design

To develop a product model is not always easy, not all designs are viable or have the X factor to warrent being launched in the market. This is why we must evaluate our design. evaluation is a critical stages of product development as there are so many layers to each design and its intended use tghat we dont see. You should carefully review your product idea before you introduce it to the market.

A few ideas for the best product designs ever!

The quality of a product design can be subjective, with its standards evolving. Designs are created to fill a need or fix a problem. Appearance is a critical factor, but that alone won’t tell you whether the model is adequate. If you intend to deliver a leading design, it is essential to understand how to project the image you want so the intended audiance perceive the correct message.

The main things to evauate are:

  • Does the design solve the targeted problem or need of the targeted market?

  • Is the cost of the design a good fit to manufacture

  • is the design in a price range of the target market

  • Is the design / idea a fit for thye company or will a sub company or brand need to be formed

We can write long and detailed blogs on his subject what is really needed !

The Questions really are:

  • 1. Can we make it at a resonable cost yes or no? If no how do we fix cost issues ? can it be fixed

  • 2. Does it fill the need of the market?

  • 3. Can we sell the design at a profitable price the market will accept?

  • 4. Can the proposed designed be scaled?

  • 5. What is the sales life cycle of the design ;long or short term?

Do the research on the intended need or product objectively

most importantly do not share design informatrion with anyone , unless there is a signed NDA in place as once the cats out the bag its too late.

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