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Things to consider when getting a 3d printing Quote

So you want to 3d print something! some one told you its easy and cheap!

Is this true ! Yes & No , It depends on what you want to print- Size, strength, longevity, intended use.

*Getting a quote

Do you have a cad file or STL file ! Yes or No ! If the answer is No then this has to be drawn up or scanned, this is an extra cost, there is no way around this. No file No print.

*Material & Print systems.

Print mediums are not created equal

PLA is the main cheap supermarket grade filament you can get a roll for $25 online , its cheap weak and degrades over time.

industrial or engineering grade starts at ABS progressing to Nylon - Onyx - Onyx reinforced with carbon fibre - PEEK etc and so on and progress up the the scale all the may to Metal.

note that the material is now from around $300 to $700 per roll and the Equipment or 3d Printer is not a $300 dollar unit from the Supermarket they start at around $8000 up to $$$$$ millions

Types of 3d printers

There are few types: some that use a heated Nozzle to melt the Filament (FDM), Others use ether a liquid that is cured by laser or a powder that is Melted, all work on the same principle they build layer upon layer.

There are Engineering grade machines such as Markforged that have an extra Print head and can add reinforcement to the print in the form of Continuous fibre filament -

Glass-fibre to Carbon Fibre producing parts with metal strength. and this is developing all the time with new materials on the way. that promise strength double that of steel at 1/5th of the weight with working temperatures of - 90 to +300 degC+

FDM does produce strong parts and currently there is no alternative if you want the strongest parts.

Fine detail parts are best made with SLS (selective laser sintering) progressing to Resin printers all the way up to the $$$$ plus HP systems

If you want strong end use parts, even if you need a drawing we can help.

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