Steel Post Repair

Updated: Jul 16, 2020

Rusted Steel Posts

Danger Of Rusted Steel Stumps

Steel stumps or Posts, also Known as steel columns have been used State Wide over the Last 50 years. Like an old car from this period, they can be full of rust. Steel stumped Houses have become an ongoing issue due to the mainly coastal location, salt water and rust go hand in hand. .

Steel Posts that are not installed Properly will rust out Quickly. Photo is from a property in Watanobbi NSW , We replaced 6 Columns due to Rust 4 Had completely failed.

There are a few of options for replacing steel columns. There is hot dip galvanized, Duragal and painted steel columns The best surface treatment is Hot dipped Galvanizing. followed by painted Duragal, and painted steel, They all need to be installed correctly to Minimize potential rust issues.

Please note when doing a partial re-stump or Column replacement there will be a join line where new Material meets old, we always prep the sections that will be joined with what is known as a double V prep this allows a full penetration root run, followed by a fill and cap weld to join the 2 sections, the result is a full strength repair that will provide strength and longevity.

All joints are painted with a 2 pack primer and Topcoat, as most of our work is coastal we use Norglass anti corrosion primer (designed to be submerged) and Norglass top coat, not cheap but great protection, we also use black bitumen & Denso tape for the below the surface sections in certain cases we use both.

The way the steel columns are installed is critical to longevity.

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