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Manufacturing after COVID-19

A brief over view & possible outcome.

If the current trend in china is continued then a lot of goods will disappear from our shelves. It has taken 4 months to bring china to almost a complete stop in daily life and manufacturing,

One example TVs they normally produce around 2 million a month now its 100,000units.

Reports coming out of china are saying the skill loss is becoming a huge problem as a lot of manufacturing plants don't have the required skilled staff to carry out the required works!

There has also been a realisation that to outsource all our manufacturing was a big mistake! even if this is part propaganda it does highlight that we really are too dependent on one country for to many products.

That being said We at CAC.WORKS can see a massive resurgence into manufacturing in Australia to fill the hole in our current supply chain, Which proves the need to manufacture goods in our own country.

This will be great for Australia as it will create more jobs and bring money / Currency into Australia and inject liquidity.

The advances being made in manufacturing systems from 3d printing to CNC, we can produce parts in a timely manor and efficiently, the parts will be consistent in Manufacturing Quality, Material Quality will be higher, less damage to the environment due to good environmental policy and a step away from the throw away society to a more sustainable one.

The future is in our hands lets cleanup and build a good one where Australians are proud of their home land.

Train Australians and make it in Australia.

Make Australia Great Again.

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