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Evolution 3dprint Software

Updated: Jan 3, 2020

CAC.WORKS is a Print service using Markforged printers now have access to MSC Software Corporation’s simulation software, including Finite Element Analysis. once we have run a few months worth of testing we will offer this to our Clients.

There is a database of materials, detailing properties & performance, we will be able to digitally stress test proposed designs, analyse mechanical - structural performance. Markforged and MSC claim they can fully simulate a new workflow and identify failure areas, increasing workplace safety. We will be testing the new Software as we need to be confident in the product before we supply parts to clients.

Pre-print performance validation is something that has been in great demand from 3d printing services and especially Markforged users due to the high strength potential,

MSC’s simulations should allow users to determine the best print settings, orientation to evaluate a part’s full potential without having to print a prototype and physically test it.

This will reducing waste, cost & is a huge improvement in the use of resources.

We will be able to determine ultimate strength, failure points the same way we currently can with CAD software for traditionally made parts.

This will allow CAC.WORKS to replace traditionally manufactured parts in a more efficient way.

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