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Australia's return to manufacturing!

In the days when Covid 19 first hit, nobody really released the impact it would have on manufacturing, through its effect on the supply chain.

We have gone through an awakening that we relied to much on goods being made abroad, China for example grew to its current level by being a manufacturer of finished goods not a Consumer.

The Question that needs to be asked is why did Australia go down this path we have the raw materials to build almost anything. One explanation is the signing of the UN Document known as the Lima agreement this lead to 98% of Australian manufacturing capabilities to go off shore, probably one of the biggest blunders ever

made. that is if it was a mistake!

Now today we have a resurgence into manufacturing and our local manufactures are working very hard to keep up with demand! Great News! some sectors have a 2 week or more lead time that was not there before.

It is time for the people and the government to get behind the push to make Australia great again, we have a looming recession / depression that if we all start buying goods and equipment that is really made in Australia, we may be able to lessen the effect of this Down turn and actually grow as a nation, train our own people instead of importing skilled labor. Different mind set different result.

Its Our country Our Kids Future!!


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