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Aluminium the modern material

The Aluminium Advantage

Aluminium is everywhere It is the most abundant, naturally occurring metal in the earth’s crust, aluminium is an essential part of modern life. Virtually every person in the World The metal is used so much that many of us don’t even realise how often we touch it.

A simple fact, We use more aluminium today than at any point in the history of the metal’s commercial production. Aluminium is so critical to modern mobility, increasing sustainability and the national economy that without it, many of the conveniences of today’s world would simply not exist. Example a can of soda. Mobility The car you drive to work probably has an aluminium engine block or cylinder head and other lightweight parts to drive fuel efficiency. Your house or office building likely uses aluminium window & Door frames. The airplane you fly in for business or Pleasure would literally not be possible without lightweight aluminium as a key component. Even the high-tech gadgets you use to keep in touch with friends and family uses aluminium housings, Sustainability/recycling Outside the day-to-day conveniences that aluminium provides, it is also the sustainable material of choice in many markets. The world is always looking for a more fuel-efficient future, aluminium is a big part of the solution. Lightweight, durable and infinitely recyclable, aluminium products can lower energy costs and carbon emissions in dozens of applications. Coated aluminium roofs can reflect up to 95 percent of sunlight, dramatically increasing building energy efficiency. Highly recycled and lightweight aluminium packaging can reduce shipping costs and carbon emissions for manufactures. The an international Laboratory found that an aluminium based vehicle can achieve up to a 32 percent reduction in total life cycle energy consumption. From being light-weight to recycling, the aluminium industry is a big part of the solution to the world’s energy needs. Economy Aluminium is an essential part to the worlds energy and manufacturing future. The industry today supports a huge number of jobs globally. The industry is set for even greater success as more and more companies turn to aluminium as a solution to modern manufacturing challenges—from the automotive sector to consumer goods to military applications. Aluminium is truly the metal of the new world and fits in well with the emerging advanced manufacturing industries of the future.

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