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SOL 3D scanner provides an easy-to-use solution for creating digital copies of real-world objects. The scanner can help a variety of users achieve their goals regardless if their 3D workflow is scan-to-print, scan-to-model, or scan-to-share.

SOL 3D scanner is small and lightweight, and uses a combination of laser triangulation and white light technology. The turntable helps automating the 3D scanning process. The dedicated SOL software notifies the user of next steps with sound or text messages. 3D scans are viewed directly in the SOL software and can be exported and further edited in third-party 3D software.

The scanner is developed and marketed by Scan Dimension, a division of the scanning heavyweight Global Scanning. Global Scanning is a Denmark-based technology company with 30 years of experience in the image-capturing sector. This collective experience is behind the engineering of SOL, which was designed to be – above all – portable, affordable, easy to use and precise




  • Print your design to test the shape, color, or look n’ feel.

  • Scan your product for easy customizations.

  • Share your creations online for your web shop.

Workflow: Scan – improve – modify – share – print

SOL Benefits: Ease-of-use – precision – portable - affordable – straight-forward workflow



Share and manage your collections/creations to make a 3D directory for your web site/blog or to share with other passionate collectors. Reproduce your creation without jeopardizing the original piece.

Workflow: Scan – improve – modify – share – print

SOL Benefits: Ease-of-use -precision – portable - affordable – straight-forward workflow



The SOL 3D scanner allow students to get experience with the world of 3D. Bring your ideas from the physical world into the digital world and learn what you can do with your scans.

Workflow: Scan – improve – modify – share – print

SOL Benefits: Ease-of-use -precision – portable - affordable – straight-forward workflow



Show your product and inventions to the world for co-partners, prototyping, processing, pre-manufacturing, funding.

Workflow: Scan – improve – modify – share – copy

SOL Benefits: Ease-of-use -precision – portable - affordable – straight-forward workflows

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