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  • Commercial 3D Printing service.

  • Markforged fibre reinforced  High strength 3d prints Shipped Globally

  • Additive Manufacturing

  • - High strength industrial Grade Materials 

  • Design Service for Custom parts

  • Defence

  • Aerospace

  • Automotive

  • Fast Prototype development.

  • Reverse Engineering new parts from your original

  • 3D scanning of parts up to 170mm larger scans can be arranged

  • End-use parts that require high strength durability and stiffness: 

  • Materials used: Markforged Onyx reinforced with Fibre filament Carbon-fibre, Kevlar, HSHT, Glassfibre

  • PEEK, PEKK, ULTEM, for High Temperature High Strength applications

  • Metal Printing 



High grade Nylon & a Nylon composite called Onyx. Which can be Reinforced with continuous fibre filament, meaning light weight Metal strength Components.

Reinforcement Materials in order of strength: 

*Carbon Fibre





The Graph below shows the strength comparison for Onyx reinforced with Carbon fibre is compared to 6061 T6 aluminium.

strength materials.png
Further information on materials is available from:   https://markforged.com/materials/

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