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Our Clients Include

3D Printing Service -Metal Fabrication

CAC.WORKS provides

High Quality High strength Fibre reinforced

3D Printing services & top quality Metal Fabrication


3D Printing Service using high grade Nylon & a Nylon composite called Onyx Which can be Reinforced with continuous fibre filament, meaning light weight Metal strength Components.

Reinforcement Materials

*Carbon Fibre




We ship to - Australia - Asia Pacific - Globally.

Custom fabrication - welding service for Commercial - Domestic! Central Coast NSW.



CAC.WORKS has the experience, equipment and customer focus to get results 

Call for a Free consultation to discuss your project


Free consultation for  Design optimisation
  • Service offered Design to Production of your prototypes, end use products, Projects!

  • We are here to help and advice is free!

  • Call to book a consultation  

      :02 4368 2767

3D Printing Service's
  • 3D Printing Services Covering the whole of Asia-Pacific-Global

  • We specialise in solving problems for clients with high Quality, high Strength solutions

  • Fast Prototype development.

  • Functional prototypes

  • End-use parts that require high strength durability and stiffness: automotive, aerospace, electronics, consumer goods, etc

  • Materials used: Onyx reinforced with fibre filament Carbon-fibre, Kevlar, HSHT, Glassfibre

  • Soon to offer: PEEK, PEKK, ULTEM, for High Temperture High Strength applications

  • Metal Printing 

  • Professional service

  • Design and replication off parts 

  • Fabrication / Welding Services

  • Aluminium, Stainless, Mild steel 

  • 20min from Gosford Central Coast NSW

  • Domestic

  • Commercial

  • Custom work a speciality.



CAC.WORKS specialise in 3D Printing - Design to  fabrication,

we are an Australian owned Business founded in 2006.

We are a progressive Australian Business that focuses on quality and customer service. 

Our clients range from CSIRO, Telstra, Imperial Centre, Cleanaway, SDI plastics QLD, SLSC and many more 

We can assist with design and development of prototypes to end use products using 3D Printing Combined with traditional fabrication.

For all your 3D Printing & Fabrication needs  

Call us now  02 4368 2767



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For any inquiries, questions or to book a consultation, please call: 02 4368 2767 or fill out the form below

Please Note: 

We are not interested in any unsolicited marketing/ promotions. We thank you in advance for respecting our wishes.

Appointment Only Please call before travelling to ensure the right person is there to help.


Central coast

NSW 2251,



Please call to book a consultation


Office: 02 4368 2767

M: 0400 711 115

Get a quote: 02 4368 2767